The Lonsdale Trust Wallasey

         Professional Adult Care Services

What our friends say ...

"So kind and accommodating of attendee and carer. Worth their weight in gold, each and every one."

"Lovely people who create a warm and relaxed atmosphere - a home from home for my loved one and it allows us to keep him at home."

"My dad has made some lovely friends when previously he only saw me.  The staff go out of their way to make everyone feel special."

"We've seen such a positive change in Dad since he started at his Lonsdale Club. He's doing things he hasn't done in years and its all down to the fantastic staff looking after him and giving him back his confidence. It's First Rate care delivered by people who really care."

"The genuine care and professionalism of the staff is second to none, which is reflected in the fantastic atmosphere at the Lonny - it really is the best and I feel that I'm doing my mum a favour taking her there rather than feeling guilty for taking a break. It's saved me and my family having to think about residential care for our mum, which we were all dreading."

"The whole environment at the Lonsdale is just what you would want for your loved one - full of laughter and the staff have a genuine love for what they do. I'd go there myself!"

"Our experience of the Lonsdale has been life-changing as it meant we could keep our mum in her own home and go to work without worrying about what she might be doing alone all day. I say to anyone thinking of trying it out, don't hesitate. It's the best."